Export of kitchen utensils

SEKURA INTERNATIONAL Co.,LTD. deliver good quality of Japanese tableware and lacquer ware that add charm to dishes, kitchen utensils to facilitate cooking, and accessories for dishes that will spice up dining tables. If you are related to hotel, restaurant and some cookware business, we will support your business. Please feel free to Contact Us.

Our services

Preparation of shipping documents required for export
・Packing lists and the like

Arrangements for shipment of goods
・Export packing
・Preparation of case mark
*The above services may be performed by our suppliers, depending on the product
・Arrangements for delivery to an airport or seaport
・Arrangements for booking of space in an aircraft or vessel
Actual destinations for export: U.S.A., South Korea, Russia, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan, U.K., Spain, France, Germany, Maldives, UAE, Sweden, Canada,Australia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan etc.


Recommended Items


Main handling items
“These are a part of the goods handled by Sekura International Co., Ltd. Please click “Contact Us” to request a catalog of our products.
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Japanese Chinaware Lacquer Ware Plastic Goods Kitchen Ware
Japanese China Ware Lacquer Ware Plastic Goods Kitchen Ware
Accessories for Dish Silverware European Earthenware Glass Tableware
Accessories for Dish Silverware Ceramic Ware Glass Tableware